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Songs Of Hope
The Albion Band
Rise Up Like The Sun
Ragged Heroes (3:20)
Poor Old Horse (6:18)
Afro Blue / Danse Royale (4:52)
Ampleforth / Lay Me Low (5:44)
Time to Ring Some Changes (2:51)
House in the Country (3:07)
The Primrose (3:19)
Gresford Disaster (10:49)
The Postman's Knock (single version) (2:38)
Pain and Paradise (single version) (3:04)
Lay Me Low (single version) (2:53)
Rainbow over the Hill (3:18)
Notes And Things
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The Gresford Disaster 1934 [click for larger]
A crowd waits at the colliery following the disaster

More About Gresford

Gresford: at the BBC 1

BBC - Wales On Air - Gresford Colliery disaster News bulletins read by Stuart Hibbard report the unfolding tragedy.

Letters of condolence and letters offering gifts in kind received following the Gresford colliery disaster of 1934.

The Gresford Colliery Disaster - The Real Price of Coal

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