The Albion Band

Songs Of Hope
The Albion Band
Rise Up Like The Sun
Ragged Heroes (3:20)
Poor Old Horse (6:18)
Afro Blue / Danse Royale (4:52)
Ampleforth / Lay Me Low (5:44)
Time to Ring Some Changes (2:51)
House in the Country (3:07)
The Primrose (3:19)
Gresford Disaster (10:49)
The Postman's Knock (single version) (2:38)
Pain and Paradise (single version) (3:04)
Lay Me Low (single version) (2:53)
Rainbow over the Hill (3:18)
Notes And Things
The Back Cover

Albion Band 1978 [click for largr image]

Pete Bullock, synthesiser, piano, clarinet, baritone saxophone, organ;

Michael Gregory, drums, nakers, tambourine;

Ashley Hutchings, electric bass;

Dave Mattacks, drums, tambourine;

Simon Nicol, vocals, electric guitars, acoustic guitar;

Phil Pickett, shawms, bagpipes, curtals, trumpet;

Ric Sanders, violin, violectra;

John Tams, vocals, melodeon;

Graeme Taylor, electric guitar, acoustic guitar


Julie Covington, Pat Donaldson, and Richard Thompson sing on Poor Old Horse and Lay Me Low;
Kate McGarrigle sings on Poor Old Horse, Lay Me Low, and House in the Country;
Linda Thompson sings on Poor Old Horse, Lay Me Low, and Rainbow over the Hill;
Andy Fairweather-Low sings on Ragged Heroes, Poor Old Horse, and Time to Ring Some Changes;
Martin Carthy sings on Ragged Heroes, Poor Old Horse, Time to Ring Some Changes, and Gresford Disaster;
Viola Wills sings on Pain and Paradise;
Dave Bristow plays synthesiser on Afro Blue;
Ric Sanders composed part 2 of Gresford Disaster

Albion Band1978 [click for larger image]

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